July loving resonance

Inhale a slow, deep breath, hold at the top for 3 – 2 – 1, exhale slowly, repeat, repeat, repeat. Welcome home to your body, your presence, your vibration. The beginning of this summer has us feeling a little scattered and uneasy. Trust it is the energy of transformation and truth. This month there is no hiding from your truth. Be honest with yourself and who you are. The pieces of ourselves that are a little rough or jagged are ready to be polished. Believe in your unique journey, you are an expression of love. You are essential to the harmony of the universe. 

Jupiter is here to remind us, “this too shall pass.” The powerful Jupiter is associated with the principles of growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, fulfillment, and miracles. This July we can embrace power of transformation, realign with our soul purpose, unravel our pain and allow the gentle guidance of divine love to set us right on our path. 

Working with Jupiter 
Jupiter day of the week : Thursday
Jupiter Number : 4
Jupiter Crystals : Carnelian, Emerald and Quartz 
Easy ritual to embrace Jupiter : Gather 4 crystals of carnelian, emerald or clear quartz, a candle, a notebook and pencil. On a Thursday as the sun sets when sattvic energy is strong bring your materials outside. Create a small circle with the crystals set the candle in the center. If you have an intention state it as if it is already happening, remember our universe is abundant, everything you desire is waiting for you. Gaze gently into the candle for 3-5 minutes, notice what you see, feel and hear welcome all sensation.  Close your ritual with gratitude. And so it is. 

Clearing the Channel is a daily meditation journey. Begins September 1, 2022. We will start short and slow – you can stay there or add to your practice. Each day you receive an email with a meditation inspiration, ideas for the health of your body – physical, ethereal and emotional. The work we do will clear the path to our truest desires. You are an expression of pure love. Join me in the FALL to make room and connect deeper to your love, your desires, your divine path. This beautiful human experience is a journey. You are not alone. We will work with ancestors, angels and guides. Together we will practice daily meditation suggestions, gratitude, breath practices, accountability partners, design a sustainable clearing practice to deeply connect to your love, to your unique frequency. We will journey through this with each other’s support. Sign up with maitrivedawellness@gmail.com
For this offering to you pay what you desire. Suggested Venmo $33 – $222 or what you can afford


Saturday July 23 6:30 – 8 at Okra Charlotte
Intention : Abundance.
We are following a full moon in Capricorn, it is a time to remember you are loved, valued and perfect. You are an expression of divine love worthy of abundance. The evening’s intention will be to welcome in a feeling of connection to source, abundance in love and community. Welcome in all. You are seen, you are loved.

Saturday July 30 6:30 – 8 at Journey Within Yoga
New Moon Ceremony Intention : New Moons are all about new growth and the beginning of new cycles, a time of spiritual renewal. The Leo New Moon is concerned with self-expression, and illuminating what’s in your heart. During ceremony we will focus on our heart, delicate vibrations will sooth and lull your heart energy into a safe healing. This will be a gentle healing ceremony to realize the desires within the heart and heal past pains, releasing and receiving. 

contact me at 518-728-2783 or email maitrivedawellness@maitriveda

As July unfolds reach out to me with any questions or desire for support. You are seen, you are loved. In loving resonance.