Integrative Healing

Integrative healing sessions are scheduled one on one time to deep dive into physical, emotional and spiritual misalignments. We begin to gather information about your routine, body systems and lifestyle. During the session we will discuss the aspects of you that are opportunities for growth and expansion. We will utilize an intuitive healing approach with the methodologies of therapeutic massage, Thai massage, vibrational healing, Ayurveda, mantra, meditation, pranayama, yoga asana, essential oils, crystals and Reiki to come up with rituals, routines and modifications you can incorporate into your life. These rituals will help harmonize your being allowing your body, mind and spirit to thrive. Following the one on one session we will set up a routine designed specifically for you along with biweekly or weekly 1/2 hour checkins to see how you are feeling.

Intuitive energy healing is an approach to holistic healing that allows the practitioner to access their own deep meditative state making it easier to receive intuitive information about a clients health or life situation.

Masters learned 5,000 years ago that energy makes up everything in the Universe, including our bodies and our minds. We are always moving in a sea of energy that is feeding our energetic body. Energy illuminates the truth around us. Listening and communicating with your energetic body will help restore the delicate balance of love, peace and harmony that is your souls true state. The language of our higher self is spoken to us through our intuition and intuition communicates with us through the language of energy.

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