Return to Harmony

Cellular Alchemy is a new treatment I am launching to heal and restore the body’s natural unique resonant frequency. Resonant frequency is the natural vibration of an object and the frequency at which it vibrates. The various parts of our bodies – our cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems all have their own resonate frequency. Together these frequencies create a harmony – your own specific, unique personal resonance – the song of you. Your frequency, your unique sound is essential to the harmony of love, creation, the sound we resonate is the voice of god. God expresses love through the sounds that embrace and surround us. Listen to the wind, the birds, the ocean – notice how listening with your entire body feels. Connected, supported and loved, seen and held. During a 90 minute cellular alchemy treatment you will receive intuitive massage and soft tissue manipulation, sound healing with tuning forks and metal bowls and hands on reiki healing. The power of healing touch and sound restore you to harmony and carries you back to self.

in loving resonance, peace and gratitude,

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Spiritual Downloads Guides and Angels

I adore my meditation practice. I settle my body, ground into the healing vibration of earth and connect to my source {god’s} healing energy, then journey in my meditation to where it goes that day. Some days I meditate for 5 mins others it 45 or more. I never judge my practice I welcome what it is and have a strong faith that the time is perfect. The connection and information I receive is sacred to me and when prompted I love to share it. Recently I was sharing some of the downloads and was stunned to hear from the receiver “I was hiding in my spirituality” and they continued to say that what I interpret as a download is just my imagination and that I was using that to escape or hide from my past or current reality. Hmm, I was like ouch at first but then thought a bit deeper this is an opportunity to research and learn! I thanked them for their opinion and dug into thought.

I am a sound healer and believe that everything is energy, I feel vibration, I hear vibration, see vibration. What is vibration? -> Vibration is energy in movement. The way to measure vibration is through of sound waves. This is called frequency, measured in hertz Hz. Average adult humans receive 16- 16,000Hz, children receive up to 20,000Hz, dolphins receive and give up to 180,000Hz. Each of us vibrate at our own frequency called our resonate frequency. This resonate frequency is made up of the vibrations of your self – your cells vibrate, tissues, organs and organ systems – all of these vibrations together make up your unique resonate frequency. Your brain vibrates which is part of the resonate frequency. Brain frequency is measured in brain waves. There are Beta 14-20Hz – waking state of consciousness, Alpha 8-13Hz – daydream state, meditation, Theta 4-7Hz – Deep meditation, high levels of creativity, Delta .5-3Hz – deep sleep unconsciousness AND newly measured brain waves : High Beta 20-30Hz anxiety and hyperactivity, GAMMA WAVES 30-80+ these waves are found in meditators and indicate precognition, high level information processing, sudden integration of ideas and spiritual downloads. I’m grateful to our ancestors for sharing the ancient practice of meditation and prayer and I am grateful for modern science in showing us a new way to interpret what our ancestors already know, what we already know. We are together in the song of life.

I will continue to enjoy my time in meditation, or as I call it my appointment with my soul and my god. I will listen to the guidance and be grateful for the information I receive while in GAMMA. I invite you join me anytime!

Super Flower Blood Moon


May 26, 2021 – SUPER – FLOWER – BLOOD MOON and a lunar eclipse! This sounds exciting so let’s break it down! What is a super moon? A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Supermoons make the moon appear brighter and bigger. In my opinion, based on my relationship with grandmother moon it makes the energy of that particular moon a bit more intense. This super moon will be about 100 miles closer to earth than April’s supermoon (remember how big that looked?). Flower moon is the May moon, the term comes from the blooms that appear in North America around that time; many Algonquin-speaking peoples in the northeastern part of the continent called it something similar, such as the Ojibwe. The energy of this full moon is sure to foster and inspire all sorts of blossoming changes in our lives. Buckle up big changes are on the horizon this moon is also the first eclipse of the year. This beautiful moon has the power to affect major turning points, revelations, and shifts in our paths. The chaotic eclipse energy is buzzing with unpredictability. The moon will be in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius – igniting desires of spiritual expansion and adventure! The fire sign of Sagittarius will encourage us to digest our experiences in a more positive way. REMINDER *** Sagittarius associates with CHIRON – the good news about that is Sagittarius’ positive power of transformation along with Chiron’s natural ability to find healing deep within our wounds will helps us transform and elevate! Now is a time for that YEEHAW and an AMEN!

A few ideas for this up coming moon –
1. Just go look at her and say hi grandmother moon.
2. Make some moon water – put a mason jar of spring or filtered water outside during the night of the full moon and drink it in the morning or put it in a spray bottle with a touch of rose oil for a beautiful body spritzer.
3. Charge your crystals in the moon light
5. Meditate – Breathe, ground into the earth’s center, breathe, reach into the cosmos to divine love, carry theses two energies deep into your heart and look around. What do you see? What do you feel? Follow the energy of the emotion where does it go? Allow time to explore, look for the wounds deep in the darkness, allow your energy to illuminate it, shine on it, embrace it, nurture it, breathe, breathe, breathe, carry golden light through the energetic body and through your physical body, call the golden energy back to your heart. Tell yourself, I forgive you, I support you, I see you, I love you, tell the earth I love you, tell your ancestors I love you, tell the moon I love you, tell divine I love you. Ground and center. You are safe, you are love, you are grounded in your divine adult self. 

If you want more information I am here ready to listen, love and resonate!

In gratitude, love and harmonious resonance.

100hr Meditation Training

A 100 hr training to expand your consciousness and
develop your practice of meditation

This training is for everyone – yoga teachers, massage therapists, health care workers, educators and anyone with a desire to evolve and welcome peace, ease and joy into everyday life. The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature—which is peace, happiness, and bliss. Ananda. Meditation is awakening the truth of our nature. Meditation is a time to witness and explore your being, a practice for resting and rejuvenating the mind, watching the thoughts without judgement. Meditation is a way of getting to know your soul.

During meditation thoughts come and go, be at peace, do not stop the thoughts or judge, just observe and witness them.

“This body we witness therefore this body we are not. This mind we witness therefore this mind we are not. We are the witness alone, the observer of this experience.” – Thich Nhat Hanh.

PRICE $999

The spiritual meaning of 999 is commonly related to the end of a cycle in your life. It is a means of closure to clear away unfulfilling things so that you can prepare for a whole new cycle.


March Sound Journey

Sharing the healing of sacred sound is one of my dearest passions. Sound is heard with every cell of the body. Energy is felt in every thought. We are made of energy and energy in movement is sound. Every atom, molecule, cell, organ and system has its own frequency. The frequencies harmonize to create a song unique to you. Your unique song is beautiful and needs to be heard.

As we shift through the amazing experience of being human – we get angry, sad, frustrated, we eat foods that have been processed, or walk in soil that has been contaminated and many other things that effect our vibration {sound}. Our song becomes out of harmony. Sacred instruments remind the soul of its unique song and help attune you to your natural frequency. The unique song your body sings will be heard for ethernity in a divine symphony. This divine symphony will help heal, elevate and unite humanity.

During the Sound Healing Session you will experience deep relaxation and a beautiful sense of peace and well-being. At the start, I will lead you in a short guided-meditation to prepare your body and mind for receiving. You will experience the healing power of Nepalese Singing Bowls, Gong, Crystal Bowls, Drums, Koshi and Shruti … and 3 new instruments. I can’t wait to share the healing gift of sound with you.

Ocean Inspired. 3 new instruments.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Ocean Inspired Sound Journey

Synching with the Moon

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, HONOR YOUR CYCLE. Embrace the strength and wisdom of your connection to the life cycle.

How to Sync Your Menstrual Cycle to the Moon:

1. Develop a relationship with and become aware of what the moon is doing The first step in aligning your body with the moon is to tune into what the moon is doing. Go outside at night and look for the moon. Where is she in the sky? Feel her glow on your skin. Get to know her, speak to her, allow the beautiful beams of her light to wash over your body. Look for a moon phase calendar and check in with it every day. Just noticing and honoring where the moon is will ignite moon-connection and her magic will begin, she is always there for you.

2. Notice and offset the effects of light pollution on your body. Women (all humans) used to only be exposed to light from the sun or the moon. Electricity was invented and our natural rhythms of light and dark became artificially altered – this started to change women’s cycles. Now, we live with an so much light pollution. The worst offender is our screens (computer, phone and TV), which emit endocrine-disrupting blue light. This blue light exposure seriously compromises our pineal gland’s ability to make the hormone melatonin, which throws off our ovulatory rhythm and can cause irregularities in our cycle. {Change the preferences on your computer to a warm yellow-orange glow and get some blue blockers}. We are so out of touch with the light and dark patterns of our natural world, our cycles are telling us loud and clear!

3. Create a sacred sleep environment {with as little light as possible} The darker your bedroom is, the more melatonin you will produce while you sleep. Ideally you can leave your windows uncovered to connect with the moon and bathe in her energy {this will trigger ovulation} but if you live where there is light outside your window use blackout curtains or a sleep mask. Try to mimic the effects of the moonlight by keeping a nightlight by your bed on the full moon.

4. Get outside during the day Make sure to get as much sunlight and fresh air as you can during the daylight hours. Going outside in nature will foster your relationship with the moon and divine. A deep, trusting relationship with the all that is will comfort your entire being.

5. Start Moon Charting Begin charting your menstrual cycle. Moon charting is the practice of keeping track of how the current day of your menstrual cycle aligns with the current phase of the moon. The chart acts as a visual representation of the way your cycle of ovulating and menstruating lines up with the moon. Moon charting is important because it creates a strong visual reminder of your patterns. You’ll know what you expect and how to nurture and love yourself through each phase. You may find that you experience certain emotions, physical sensations, or even discomforts around the same day or week in your cycle. Noticing these patterns is essential to understanding yourself, a cyclical being, just like the moon.

6. Join in Moon Rituals and Sangha (like minded supportive community) Beginning in January 2021 myself and friends will be hosting a full moon sound bath and ritual. To join email

Love, light and peace.