Return to Harmony

Cellular Alchemy is a new treatment I am launching to heal and restore the body’s natural unique resonant frequency. Resonant frequency is the natural vibration of an object and the frequency at which it vibrates. The various parts of our bodies – our cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems all have their own resonate frequency. Together these frequencies create a harmony – your own specific, unique personal resonance – the song of you. Your frequency, your unique sound is essential to the harmony of love, creation, the sound we resonate is the voice of god. God expresses love through the sounds that embrace and surround us. Listen to the wind, the birds, the ocean – notice how listening with your entire body feels. Connected, supported and loved, seen and held. During a 90 minute cellular alchemy treatment you will receive intuitive massage and soft tissue manipulation, sound healing with tuning forks and metal bowls and hands on reiki healing. The power of healing touch and sound restore you to harmony and carries you back to self.

in loving resonance, peace and gratitude,

To book 518-728-2783 or

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