Spiritual Downloads Guides and Angels

I adore my meditation practice. I settle my body, ground into the healing vibration of earth and connect to my source {god’s} healing energy, then journey in my meditation to where it goes that day. Some days I meditate for 5 mins others it 45 or more. I never judge my practice I welcome what it is and have a strong faith that the time is perfect. The connection and information I receive is sacred to me and when prompted I love to share it. Recently I was sharing some of the downloads and was stunned to hear from the receiver “I was hiding in my spirituality” and they continued to say that what I interpret as a download is just my imagination and that I was using that to escape or hide from my past or current reality. Hmm, I was like ouch at first but then thought a bit deeper this is an opportunity to research and learn! I thanked them for their opinion and dug into thought.

I am a sound healer and believe that everything is energy, I feel vibration, I hear vibration, see vibration. What is vibration? -> Vibration is energy in movement. The way to measure vibration is through of sound waves. This is called frequency, measured in hertz Hz. Average adult humans receive 16- 16,000Hz, children receive up to 20,000Hz, dolphins receive and give up to 180,000Hz. Each of us vibrate at our own frequency called our resonate frequency. This resonate frequency is made up of the vibrations of your self – your cells vibrate, tissues, organs and organ systems – all of these vibrations together make up your unique resonate frequency. Your brain vibrates which is part of the resonate frequency. Brain frequency is measured in brain waves. There are Beta 14-20Hz – waking state of consciousness, Alpha 8-13Hz – daydream state, meditation, Theta 4-7Hz – Deep meditation, high levels of creativity, Delta .5-3Hz – deep sleep unconsciousness AND newly measured brain waves : High Beta 20-30Hz anxiety and hyperactivity, GAMMA WAVES 30-80+ these waves are found in meditators and indicate precognition, high level information processing, sudden integration of ideas and spiritual downloads. I’m grateful to our ancestors for sharing the ancient practice of meditation and prayer and I am grateful for modern science in showing us a new way to interpret what our ancestors already know, what we already know. We are together in the song of life.

I will continue to enjoy my time in meditation, or as I call it my appointment with my soul and my god. I will listen to the guidance and be grateful for the information I receive while in GAMMA. I invite you join me anytime!

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