March Sound Journey

Sharing the healing of sacred sound is one of my dearest passions. Sound is heard with every cell of the body. Energy is felt in every thought. We are made of energy and energy in movement is sound. Every atom, molecule, cell, organ and system has its own frequency. The frequencies harmonize to create a song unique to you. Your unique song is beautiful and needs to be heard.

As we shift through the amazing experience of being human – we get angry, sad, frustrated, we eat foods that have been processed, or walk in soil that has been contaminated and many other things that effect our vibration {sound}. Our song becomes out of harmony. Sacred instruments remind the soul of its unique song and help attune you to your natural frequency. The unique song your body sings will be heard for ethernity in a divine symphony. This divine symphony will help heal, elevate and unite humanity.

During the Sound Healing Session you will experience deep relaxation and a beautiful sense of peace and well-being. At the start, I will lead you in a short guided-meditation to prepare your body and mind for receiving. You will experience the healing power of Nepalese Singing Bowls, Gong, Crystal Bowls, Drums, Koshi and Shruti … and 3 new instruments. I can’t wait to share the healing gift of sound with you.

Ocean Inspired. 3 new instruments.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Ocean Inspired Sound Journey

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