Synching with the Moon

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, HONOR YOUR CYCLE. Embrace the strength and wisdom of your connection to the life cycle.

How to Sync Your Menstrual Cycle to the Moon:

1. Develop a relationship with and become aware of what the moon is doing The first step in aligning your body with the moon is to tune into what the moon is doing. Go outside at night and look for the moon. Where is she in the sky? Feel her glow on your skin. Get to know her, speak to her, allow the beautiful beams of her light to wash over your body. Look for a moon phase calendar and check in with it every day. Just noticing and honoring where the moon is will ignite moon-connection and her magic will begin, she is always there for you.

2. Notice and offset the effects of light pollution on your body. Women (all humans) used to only be exposed to light from the sun or the moon. Electricity was invented and our natural rhythms of light and dark became artificially altered – this started to change women’s cycles. Now, we live with an so much light pollution. The worst offender is our screens (computer, phone and TV), which emit endocrine-disrupting blue light. This blue light exposure seriously compromises our pineal gland’s ability to make the hormone melatonin, which throws off our ovulatory rhythm and can cause irregularities in our cycle. {Change the preferences on your computer to a warm yellow-orange glow and get some blue blockers}. We are so out of touch with the light and dark patterns of our natural world, our cycles are telling us loud and clear!

3. Create a sacred sleep environment {with as little light as possible} The darker your bedroom is, the more melatonin you will produce while you sleep. Ideally you can leave your windows uncovered to connect with the moon and bathe in her energy {this will trigger ovulation} but if you live where there is light outside your window use blackout curtains or a sleep mask. Try to mimic the effects of the moonlight by keeping a nightlight by your bed on the full moon.

4. Get outside during the day Make sure to get as much sunlight and fresh air as you can during the daylight hours. Going outside in nature will foster your relationship with the moon and divine. A deep, trusting relationship with the all that is will comfort your entire being.

5. Start Moon Charting Begin charting your menstrual cycle. Moon charting is the practice of keeping track of how the current day of your menstrual cycle aligns with the current phase of the moon. The chart acts as a visual representation of the way your cycle of ovulating and menstruating lines up with the moon. Moon charting is important because it creates a strong visual reminder of your patterns. You’ll know what you expect and how to nurture and love yourself through each phase. You may find that you experience certain emotions, physical sensations, or even discomforts around the same day or week in your cycle. Noticing these patterns is essential to understanding yourself, a cyclical being, just like the moon.

6. Join in Moon Rituals and Sangha (like minded supportive community) Beginning in January 2021 myself and friends will be hosting a full moon sound bath and ritual. To join email

Love, light and peace.

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