Sacred Sound Sessions


Life emanates from sound. The vibration that is sound is a manifestation the life force energy PRANA that is coursing through your body. The very essence of our soul is vibration. Each one of us vibrates on our own unique frequency. We all come here in perfect harmony with cosmic memory stored in our DNA – a clear memory of peace, love and harmony. This is the nature of our being. This space in our DNA and our body is the vibration is where our body aligns with our soul. You are a perfect expression of divine love.


A Sacred Sound Healing Session is an immersion in beautiful sounds and vibrations that are healing for your body, mind and spirit.   A Sound Healing Session is a deeply relaxing, meditative experience which will take you on a journey of relaxation, healing and self exploration. Everything in the Universe, including our body, is composed of vibrations. Every organ and every cell in our body vibrates at a particular frequency. Sound and vibration travels up to five times more effectively through water. As the human body is made up of over 70% water. Sound and vibration effect us at a cellular level.

During a Sound Healing Session you will experience deep relaxation and a beautiful sense of peace and well-being. At the start, I will lead you in a short guided-meditation to prepare your body and mind for receiving. You will experience the healing power of Nepalese Singing Bowls, Gong, Crystal Bowls, Drums, Koshi and Shruti .

During a Sound Healing Session you will lie on a yoga mat, with a cushion under their head, covered with a comfy blanket. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experience. Physical injuries nurtured and old patterns and emotional traumas released.


A vibrational healing session is a beautiful treatment with Nepalese Singing Bowls, drums, and chimes. The bowls are placed on the body to attune your mind, body and spirit to its natural unique frequency. This is a truly unique and wonderful experience. 

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