Release Resistance

Welcoming what is sounds easy, but what we think we desire can be a manifestation of resistance. The challenge is to release the resistance and be open to your magnificence you are magnetic, an amazing expression of divine love with –  you have so much to offer this world, the universe is waiting for your magic. How do we learn to release expectation taught by years of social programming telling you how and why to live your life? Awareness, meditation, radical self love, finding what fuels your soul and doing that. It takes time – be gentle with yourself you are right where you are supposed to be, it takes effort – again be gentle, be kind, start telling yourself you are magic, then believe in it because YOU ARE MAGIC!

Meditate, develop a much more expansive self, get to know your soul, your potential and begin recognize ambitions that you used to think of as unrealistic fantasies. Begin to notice resistant behaviors – stress, procrastination, avoidance, minimizing your desires, addictive behavior. This reflection can be uncomfortable but as we work and shift amazing opportunities unfold. Stay aware of how resistance shows up. Breathe and feel what resistance feels like indoor body. What energy does it have? Link it to emotional energy to dig a little deeper – does it feel like fear? anger? Self doubt? Insecurity? Guilt? Sorrow? Regret? These emotions carry energy you could be holding onto in your body, different emotions can be put in different areas of the body. Befriend your body ask and listen. Learn to intuitively FEEL what your body is feeling – listen for symptoms and what they are saying. The mind is reflected in every part of the human body, through talking to the body we can get in touch with the emotions we have repressed, denied or ignored. We can let go of them and free ourselves from discomfort, misalignment and pain. The body is extremely intuitive she will show you, we just need to put our ears on and FORGIVE ourselves. Once we begin to forgive and release our desire to control, the universe {whatever higher power you believe in} will guide you where you need to be. This wonderful human experience is meant to be a journey. Let yourself off the hook – you are not the sole creator of your reality. You are not alone on this earth. Each one of us is deeply connected, we are interrelated giving this life beauty and depth. With the depth and beauty comes an interdependence of reality. You and I as individuals can control our response to what happens to us – we cannot control everything that happens to us. There is to much to this experience everything is constantly changing with each breath comes new life. We are all interconnected with each other, with the earth, with the elements, with the universe. You are in charge of your own attitudes and feelings, of the way you treat yourself and your world, you cannot control the circumstances that happen – just as you can not make the sun rise or the sun set you can not create your own reality BUT you are responsible for your reality.You are responsible for creating confort in your body, ease in your mind and peace in your soul. Your healing is within your control. Meditate, journal, breathe and move. Your force, your light, your love will expand beyond limits. YOU ARE LOVED.

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