Relieve workplace stress.

Schedule an on-site wellness day for your business.

Improve productivity, employee morale, relieve stress and encourage community. Take time for wellness. Encourage your employees to value their health, wellness and vitality with massage, yoga, meditation, breathwork and vibrational healing. How it works : contact me, book for a day. I bring my table, singing bowls and ideas for yoga classes to your office. We work a schedule for 30 – 60 minute massages followed by group yoga and meditation. Contact me for pricing!

Massage 30 -60 Minute Intuitive Massage geared for relaxation – relieving anxiety and stress

Yoga – 30-60 minute flow to get grounded and encourage a mind-body connection.

Meditation – 10-30 minute guided meditation with your goals.

Breathwork – 10-30 minute guided breath work to help move stuck energy and release stress, fear and anxiety

Vibrational Healing – 30 minute guided vibrational healing session to align and tune your frequency back toward homeostasis – PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY.

A day to encourage health wellness and vitality. TO BOOK contact or 518-728-2783.

with love.


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