New Offering : Maitri Flow

MaitriFlow – A 60 – 90 minute yoga practice with fluid movement, somatic reconnection, core engagement and self massage. Cultivate loving kindness to your body. Develop a deeper connection with yourself. The beautiful vessel that carries you through this life experience, your amazing body is no longer a stranger but a loving, trusted friend. Our thoughts and experiences are reflected in every part of the human body. Through connection, encouragement and listening to our body speak we can get in touch with issues that our mind has been repressing, denying or ignoring and our body has been storing. With gentle practice the issues can be freed from our cells allowing space for harmony.

Yoga Sutra 1.33
Maitri karuna mudina upeksanam sukha dukha punya apunya visayanam bhavanatah cittaprasadanam.

Translation : Mind is purified by cultivating friendliness towards the happy, compassion towards the miserable, joy towards the virtuous and indifference towards the wicked.
When we see a person having success in life, wish them continued success.
When we see a person having difficulty in life, wish them compassion.
When we see a person having great virtue and pure, wish them joy.
When we see a person impure and evil, wish them good will.

maitri = friendliness, good will                        
karuna = compassion
mudita =gladness, joy, delight
upekshanam = indifference
sukha = happy, pleasure, joy 
duhka = disagreeable, miserable
punya = virtuous, pure
apunya = impure, non-virtuous, evil
vishayanam = regarding those subjects
bhavantah = building, cultivating habits, developing attitudes of
chitta = mind
prasadanam = purified, clear, peace

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