We are all going to be OK

How are you holding up? These past few weeks have been weird. Thats just it weird. My emotions are up, down and all around. The days are racing by but strangely time is slow?  I am an empath I feel other people’s emotions as if they’re my own. In the recent state of chaos I have felt deeply the fear, the anxiety, the frustration, the anger. I have sent so much love and white light to those emotions. I have sent the love I cultivate in myself to you, to all beings, to the planet. I do this everyday ~ or I try to. I send gratitude to our divine creator for all of everything, I send gratitude to the angels protecting us. I tell you this to remind you and me we are all going to be ok. We are held, we are loved, we are seen. If you need a reminder I am always here.

We are all going to be ok. I know this because the feelings I am feeling are shifting. I am feeling love, gratitude, joy, ease and peace now. The other stuff is starting to settle, we are evolving and it is amazing to feel in my soul.

In so much peace, gratitude and love.



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