Meditate 22 Day 20

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November 28, 2019 { Day 20}


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

~ Mother Teresa


maitri karuna mudita upekshanam sukha duhka punya apunya vishayanam bhavanatah chitta prasadanam
Mind is purified by cultivating friendliness towards the happy,
compassion towards the miserable, joy towards the virtuous
and indifference towards the wicked.
When we see a person having success in life, wish them continued success.
When we see a person having difficulty in life, wish them compassion.
When we see a person having great virtue and pure, wish them joy.
When we see a person impure and evil, wish them good will.
~Yoga Sutra 1:33


Day 20 of Meditate 22 days of self discovery.
Have you been meditating 10-15 minutes? How is your practice feeling?
Today is compassion or whatever meditation feels good to you. How has your practice evolved? Have you been exploring different postures? Different breath work? different asana? oils? crystals? music? My daily practice has become a shmorgishborg of feel good practices that unite me to my true self. It brings me home and feels safe to me. This journey has been a beautiful path illuminating my soul. Thank you for joining me. We only have 2 days left of this journey. I will keep you all in the know on when the final slow flow and meditation will be – this is a 1 hour slow flow with assists and a 1 hour guided meditation.
Today’s Suggestions for RITUAL :
  • Crystal – Rhodochrosite: a powerful heart-healing crystals that helps us to work through emotional baggage, wounding, and trauma, in a steady process.
  • Essential oil – Geranium – The oil of love and trust
  • Asana – Ananda Balasana – Happy Baby
  • Soothing Touch – Gently place your hand over your heart, feeling the gentle pressure and warmth of your hand make small circles over your sternum to gently ma
in gratitude and love,
PS Book suggestion – The Untethered Soul




Set aside 5-10 minutes to journal.
  • Notice how you speak to yourself throughout the day. What language do you use?
Please find a posture in which your body is comfortable and will feel supported for the length of the meditation. Then let your eyes gently close, partially or fully. Taking a few slow, easy breaths, releasing any unnecessary tension in your body.
If you like, placing a hand over your heart or another soothing place as a reminder that we’re bringing not only awareness, but affectionate awareness, to our breathing and to ourselves. You can leave your hand there or let it rest at anytime.
Now beginning to notice your breathing in your body, feeling your body breathe in and feeling your body breathe out.
Just letting your body  breathe you . There is nothing you need to do.
Perhaps noticing how your body is nourished on the in-breath and relaxes with the out-breath.
Now noticing the  rhythm  of your breathing, flowing in and flowing out. (pause) Taking some time to  feel  the natural rhythm of your breathing.
Feeling your  whole body  subtly moving with the breath, like the movement of the sea.
Your mind will naturally wander like a curious child or a little puppy. When that happens, just gently returning to the rhythm of your breathing.
Allowing your whole body to be gently rocked and caressed –  internally caressed  – by your breathing.
If you like, even  giving yourself over  to your breathing, letting your breathing be all there is.  Becoming  the breath.
Just breathing.  Being  breathing.
And now, gently releasing your attention to the breath, sitting quietly in your own experience, and allowing yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling and to be just as you are.
Slowly and gently opening your eyes.

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