Meditate 22 Day 19

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November 27, 2019 { Day 19}

“Our dream gives us vitality. It gives our life meaning.”

“Whether or not you are aware of it, deep in your heart there is something you have always wanted to accomplish.” …”When you identify and nurture your deepest desire, it can become a great source of happinesss, energy and motivation. It can sustain you through difficult moments.”
pg 104-105 The Art of Living – Thich Nhat Hanh


Day 19 of Meditate 22 days of self discovery.
Manifestation Meditation. Meditation works is so many way and on so many levels. Manifesting your heartfelt desire, turning your desire into reality is part of the magic of meditation. Manifestation Meditation is similar to the idea of Taoist Meditation – visualizing to create your reality. Isn’t that an amazing concept- our thoughts create our reality.
Manifestation Step 1: Choose What You Want To Manifest
  • When picking a thing to manifest, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I really want this, in my heart of hearts?
  • How will I benefit from having this?
  • When I think about having this, does it feel right?
  • How will it be good for me and for others?
Manifestation Step 2: Get Rid Of Things That Stand In Your Way
  • Negative beliefs/mindset
  • Toxic people
  • Timing
Manifestation Step 3: Visualize What You Want To Manifest
Manifestation Step 4: Take Action To Manifest What You Want
Manifestation Step 5: Recognize And Appreciate
Today’s Suggestions for RITUAL :
  • Star Gazing
  • Flower ritual – Choose a flower you love or a flower based on its energy. Fill a crystal bowl with water add the flower to it as you meditation the flower and water become infused with your energy and desire for manifestation. Either bathe with the water or pour it in a spray bottle with some crystals for a grounding reminder of your heartfelt desire.
  • Essential oil – Magnolia – apply to bottom of feet and back of neck
so much love,
PS Book suggestion – The Spirit Almanac





Try Meditating in the Morning:
In the morning, your mind hasn’t been bombarded with it’s daily dose of distractions yet.
As a matter of fact, according to research carried out at the Montreal Neurological Institute,
the brain shrinks by 0.5% throughout the day.
The Science
According to several neuroscience studies, the size of the brain has some relationship with how well it functions. This affects your focus, attentiveness, and memory.
Therefore, if you practice meditation during the morning, you’re more likely to
experience a higher level of concentration compared to the rest of the day.
You don’t have to close your eyes
People meditate in a variety of different ways.
Some focus well when their eyes are closed, whilst others are focus better with their eyes open.  If you can stay focused when your eyes are closed, then, you should always close your eyes when trying to focus. However, if you can focus better with your eyes open,
then keep your eyes open.



Set aside 5-10 minutes to journal.
When you’re visualizing your goal, here’s some of the key questions to ask yourself:
  • What changes would you experience if you had already achieved your goal?
  • What type of neighborhood would you be living in?
  • What type of car would you be driving?
  • And what type of people would you be associating with?
Breath of Victory
As the right arm is raised toward the ceiling, inhale through the nose making a high pitch sound in the laryngeal area by constricting the epiglottis. At the end of the in-breath bend the elbow, close the right nostril with the right thumb and breathe out sharply through the left nostril. Repeat 7 to 17 times. Allow the breath to return to normal.
Rub the palms together until they become hot then place the base of the palm into the eye socket. Keep them there for a short while then move the palms upwards over the face and forehead. Then use the hands to clear the aura around the body.

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