Meditate 22 Day 18


November 26, 2019 { Day 18}

“Prana causes the earth to revolve around the sun and the moon to orbit around the earth. Prana moves the air, water, nerves, memory cells and the ocean tides. It is the basis of thought and consciousness within the body and in all creations.”

vishesha avishesha linga-matra alingani guna parvani
Although everything is in a constant state of change,
the same divine energy exists in everything
~Yoga Sutra 2:19


Day 18 of Meditate 22 days of self discovery.
Connection, to self, to source, to all. Within each of us is the entire universe, all of cosmic memory, universal intelligence in every single cell. We are all energy – vibration – sensation. Our vibration/sound {Nada Brahma} melds with each other creating a beautiful universal orchestra. Music to god’s ears. We are connected. Embrace each other heart to heart- allowing our heart beats to sync up making us that much closer to being one.
“If we look at a child it is easy to see the child’s mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, in her… Her parents and her ancestors are inside of her. When she walk s and talks they walk and talk as well. Looking in to the child we can be in touch with her parents and ancestors, but equally, looking into the parent we can see the child. We do not exist independently. We inter-are. Everything relies on everything else in the cosmos in order to manifest – whether a star, a cloud, a flower, a tree or you and me.” pg 14 The Art of Living
Today’s Suggestions for RITUAL :
  • Crystal – Clear quartz helps balance energy, enhance focus, and bring clarity to its user. This is a simplifier crystal, which means that it will amplify any energy or intention it is around and connects with. … Clear quartz stimulates the body—especially the nervous system.
  • Essential oil – Spikenard – apply over heart
in love and grace,






Set aside 5-10 minutes to journal.
  • Take time to look deep into your own eyes and notice your ancestors, the earth, the sky, the rain, the air, the sun. Journal your experience.
Udgeeta Pranayama
Take a deep breath in through the nose. On the outward breath chant ‘Hari Om’ and as Om is sounded take the head back and then forwards slowly until the chin touches the chest. Do this up to 14 times, then allow the breath to return to normal.

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