Mediatate 22 Day 21

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November 29, 2019 { Day 21}
Understanding is love. If you can’t understand, you cannot love. When you understand yourself, your suffering, you love yourself.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

drig darshana shaktyoh ekatmata iva asmita
False-identification is confusing the nature of the seer or Self with the nature of the instrument of perception. In other words, false identification happens when we mistake the mind, body, or senses for the true Self.
When the Seer, which is consciousness (purusha) is identified with being the Seer, Egoism prevails. Body, body sensations, organs of action and sense, intelligence, the fluctuations of the mind, all have no awareness of themselves, they only REFLECT.
~Yoga Sutra 2:6


Day 20 of Meditate 22 days of self discovery.
Welcome to Day 21!! Radical Self Love! During each meditation we grow to know ourselves. We learn what our thought patterns are, what emotions arise in different circumstances, we learn where we hold them in our body and we are learning to release and heal. This journey has been beautiful. Thank you for joining me. Enjoy today’s meditation, tomorrow we reach 22 days. I have a beautiful ritual planned and hope you will try it. I am also planning a final group slow flow and meditation – DATE to be announced soon.
“When I fully love myself, I am able to fully love others.
Deciding to love myself is a wonderful agreement.
Each day, I allow my love for myself grow more and more.
I am worthy of love and I honor the joy that comes with it.
Deciding to love myself unconditionally, no matter what happens feels wonderful.
I deserve love and self respect.
My self-esteem grows along with my self-love
I love and accept everything about myself
I completely and always love myself.
Today I love myself even more than yesterday.
Truly loving myself is easy for me.
The more I love myself, the better my entire health.
I love every moment of my existence.
Every part of me that makes me who I am is encompassed with love.
I have unconditional love within me that overflows in abundance to those around me.”
Today’s Suggestions for RITUAL :
  • Crystal – Turquoise – blue crystal has powers that are said to help heal the mind, body, and soul. Generally speaking, it’s seen as a good luck charm that can help balance your emotions while finding your spiritual groundings
  • Essential oil – Bergamot – The oil of self-acceptance – apply over your heart and on the solar plexus
  • Asana – Sufi Rolls – Sit in easy pose. Hold the knees. Begin rotating the spine in a big circle, keeping the head upright. Inhale as you circle forward across the knees and exhale as you rotate back.
  • Soothing Touch – Gently place your hand over your heart, feeling the gentle pressure and warmth of your hand make small circles over your sternum and gently massage the intercostals.
with so much love,



Set aside 5-10 minutes to journal.
  • Take some time to journal for you. Whatever comes to mind.
Breathe deeply in through the nose – expanding the chest and moving the shoulders forward. Sharply expel the air through the nose using the abdominal muscles moving the abdomen backwards. On the last breath make a high pitched humming sound. Do this 30 times, then do Maha Bandha (see below) followed by Kevala Kumbhaka{short breath retention} –
Maha Bandha – The Great Lock
Maha Bandha or the Great Lock combines all the three main  Bandhas  or locks practised by yogis –  Mula BandhaUddiyana Bandha  and  Jalandhara Bandha .  Maha  in Sanskrit means ‘great’ or ‘supreme’ and  Bandha  means a lock.  Maha Bandha  means the great lock and is said to activate the prana shakti thereby aiding the awakening of  Kundalini Shakti  at the base of the spine.  Maha Bandha  is also called the tri-bandha or the triple lock as it involves all the three major locks.

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