Meditate 22 Day 14



November 22, 2019 { Day 14 }

“ Learn to find places of healing. Learn to find people, places, events and rituals that work for you. Don’t worry about how to find them or wait for someone to point them out. They’ll call to you, or you’ll call them into your life. ” 
~ pg 216 Journey to The Heart – Melody Beattie

“There is abundant love in the Universe
There is abundant love in me
I see myself as the eternal soul I really am
I know I play an important part in this world
Give me guidance to help me see my path
Give me clarity to help me see my worth
I am a Divine being and I love myself deeply
As I am worthy of the love of others
Thank you – So mote it be.”

Day 14 of Meditate 22 days of self discovery.
Happy self love day : ) . These meditation days are so good for self discovery. Focus all day today on the wonderful qualities of you. Some days self love can seem like a challenge. Those are days to reach out. I am always here text, call, DM. Love is our natural state. Bliss, joy and peace together we can feel it and embrace each other.
Today’s Suggestions for Ritual :
  • Rose Quartz – Hold it in your hand throughout the meditation – the stone will provide the vibration of love, which will assist you in aligning with those energies; and the stone will also become charged with your own loving energies during the ritual.
  • Essential oil – Myrrh
  • Epsom Soak – Fill a tub with warm – hot water add 4-6 cups of salts and soak {I add oils to the salts because I love the extra comfort they bring and healing to my body}
  • Buy yourself some flowers or another plant – a way to connect to the earth
  • Make a fire (outside or in a fire place!), and gathering with loved ones (you can obviously do this alone too). Grab a piece of paper, write down the things you want to let go of, then toss the paper into the fire as a symbol of release.
in love and light,


Set aside 5-10 minutes to journal.
  • List 10 beautiful qualities about you
  • Write a letter to your child self about you.
  • Nauli kriya​ ​(naval cleansing)
  • One round of nauli kriya is optional to begin your practice. If you choose to practice this, do so one time before you sit down, then stay seated as you work with the other pranayama practices.
  • Stand with your feet facing straight ahead, hip width distance or slightly wider. Place your hands palms down on slightly bent knees with your fingers turned in to the inside of your knees. Extend your buttocks back slightly and allow your back to round evenly, letting your head drop forward. Keep your head higher than the hips.
  • Agni saur strengthens agni (digestive fire) and the digestive organs, centers energy in the body, removes excess phlegm, purifies samana vayu (seated in the region of the navel) and balances pitta dosha. It is heating and should not be practiced by people with high blood pressure, hernias or ulcers, until these conditions have ceased.
  • Place the palms face down on the knees or on the floor right in front of the knees with the fingers turned slightly inward. Inhale evenly, fully and deeply. Fold the body forward to empty out the lungs fully.
  • When you have completely exhaled and emptied the lungs as much as possible, hold the breath out as you round your back evenly, placing your chin to your chest. Your arms should straighten enough so your head ends up higher than the height of your hips. Continue to hold the breath out and draw your belly and diaphragm back toward your spine as much as possible comfortably. Move the abdomen in and out at a moderate pace as many times as you can comfortably while holding the breath out. You are not breathing during this process. Stop moving the belly just before you think you need to inhale, relax the muscles and fold forward as close as you can to the floor. Stay there as you inhale, then exhale slowly as you bring your spine back into an upright position. This is one round. Practice three rounds.
  • Note: Breath retentions should never create tension or anxiety, increase in heart rate or the need to quickly suck in air. Stop two steps before you cross that line and eventually the line will begin to move and your capacity will expand. ​

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