Meditate 22 Day 10


Day 10 November 18, 2019

“Breathing mindfully, you simply enjoy your in-breath and your out-breath. You bring the mind home to the body, and you realize you are alive, still alive, and this is a wonder. To be alive is the greatest of miracles.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

visayavati va pravritti utpanna manasa sthiti nibandhani
” Awareness directed to that which is having sense experience has intelligence of higher realms and brings stable tranquility to the mind. ” ~ Sutra 1.35
In addition to calming the mind through control and awareness of breath, the mind is stabilized by focusing on specific senses. We can focus on each of the five senses or simply observe sensations of the body as they arise.
Concentration on the senses cultivates a focused mind, deepens awareness, we can directly experience impermanence in relation to the sensations of the senses. Too often we are reacting to our senses without needing to. We experience sensations when we walk into a room, meet someone for the first time, these are all under the sense experience. To heighten awareness it is important to practice sensitivity to such areas.

Day 10 of Meditate 22 days of self discovery. REMINDER** if you are ready and wish to up your time to 5-10 minutes!
How do we perceive and understand world around us? We see, feel, hear, touch, smell and taste. Our senses are always present and tuned to what’s real. Today try to think with your senses by noticing what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Sensing heightens awareness of place and purpose by reconnecting you with the present and the divine. With today’s meditation explore and cultivate gratitude for our senses.
“For he, who has gained control over his breath,
shall also gain control over the activities of the mind.
The reverse is also true. For he, whose mind is in control,
also controls the breath. The mind masters the senses,
and the breath masters the mind.”
Today’s Suggestions for Ritual :
  • Essential Oil – Balance – apply to bottoms of feet
  • Breathe { Pranayama below}
  • Kitchen Ritual – find and prepare recipe in which the smell brings your heart joy
  • Mantras
1. Ears – Om Dikdevatabhyo namaha
2. Skin – Om Samirnaya namaha
3. Eyes – Om Arkaya namaha
4. Tongue – Om Varunaya namaha
5. Nose – Om Ashvinikumarabhyam namaha
with love and gratitude,


Set aside 5-10 minutes to journal.
  • Bring to mind the 5 senses
  • Describe the senses and how they move prana ex. I bring my attention to my mind’s eye (the center of my mind the point of neutrality and equanimity : find it by drawing a line from between the eyebrows to the back of the head and connect the tops of the ears) notice the feeling of my body – the air gently brushing my skin – a warm air feels safe, cozy and welcoming, cool air I feel nervous and guarded… then move to hearing etc.

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