22 Days of Self Discovery

Maybe it is the change in seasons. Maybe it is changes in me. Lately I have felt disconnected from my sangha, my group of people that have like minded beliefs, the people that life me up push me to learn and love me unconditionally. I have started to feel a deep FEAR that I am not the person they see, I don’t deserve their love, their respect. These feelings, along with conversations with the people in my sangha {they will not let me disconnect or hide} has prompted me to do a deep dive into myself. Its time to challenge myself with meditation and journaling because disconnecting from self creates a disconnection to all that is.

If you know me you know I love me some assignments- they are my jam- In respect to myself I created some assignments and I’m all in. I chose a mediation calendar of self discovery where I can check off each day. BOOM! The calendar is 22 days. Why 22 well … here are a few reasons for the number : 

  1. Number 22 is a powerful sign from your angels that you are on purpose in life and about to turn your dreams into reality.
  2. Number 22 is called a Master Number in Numerology, which means that it has an extraordinarily powerful vibration.
  3. Number 22 is a sign from your angels that you are on the verge of attaining spiritual wisdom of the highest order, and that you are called to share with the entire world.

For each day I have chosen scripted meditations, moving meditations and tools to help with a meditation practice. I went to amazon and grabbed a brand new journal all set to fill with manifestations, ideas, love poems whatever comes to me from the cosmos! I pretty excited and will be sharing everything on IG {handle lil__kim___ } If you would like to join in I am also putting an email list together and will send the meditations, tools and love. Just send me your email and you are in! Lets fill November 9-30 with love, gratitude and peace! As we raise our vibration we raise the collective vibration!

In love and light,




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