Harvest Moon


September 13 2019 FULL HARVEST MOON:

The full moon is a time to release the things that no longer serve us. As the moon brims with solar energy, we offer her the things we would like her to take with her as she starts to wane over the next 14 to 15 days, emptying out back toward a new moon.

A fire ritual to utilize this masculine solar energy using your own intuition is always powerful. 

  1. Start a small fire. In a small metal bowl or on the ground, in a firepit. Start a small fire.
  2. Smudge. Whether alone or with friends, begin by smudging – yourself and the area you are going to be working in with palo santo and sage, call in the Four Directions, the Four Elements, or any angels and guides you feel would positively support your ritual, intending to share the benefits of your ritual with all beings.
  3. Make an offering. Collect crystals, stones, feathers, flowers fallen leaves and/or branches leading up to a ritual and create a mandala on the ground or on a table for the moon. Represent the elements of water and fire, a glass of water and a safely-lit candle. This collection is your alter.
  4. Set Intention. Write a short letter to the moon asking clearly for what you want help with. At the time of a new moon you will be asking for things to come into, or to grow in, your life. 
  5. Chant and burn. Drop your letter into the fire while chanting.

Lokah Samasta Sucinho Bavantu – May all beings be peaceful and free. This mantra allows us to release jealousy, anger and any negative feelings to make way for peace for all. Chant this whenever you need a boost. Sometimes chanting for not only ourselves, but for others can give us the lightest of intentions and the biggest opening in our hearts.

Om Namah Shivia – I honor the divinity within me. This mantra is one of the simplest and yet most complex of mantras. It allows you the opportunity to accept yourself where you are today. It allows you to let go into the knowing that you are enough, you are perfect and you are divine. Honor and love yourself, always.

  1. Moon Salutations while you chant or listen to chanting. ca94324ae42ab598e411966f7cabf089.jpg
  2. Savasana allow the energy to settle into your body.
  3. Bow in gratitude.

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