Pranic Cleanse

engaged!.pngPrana : lifeforce energy containing cosmic intelligence. This beautiful energy enters the body with the breath, it nourishes every cell of our physical body and flows through the energy centers of our ethereal bodies heals and nurtures our ojas (vital essence). Habitual shallow breathing along with lifestyle and eating habits can inhibit proper flow of prana which results in it getting stuck. When prana gets stuck it can manifest in many forms from physical pain to emotional depression and an inability to fully digest life’s experiences. Over the next month I will be working on cleansing and restoring the prana that flows through me. I will be practicing conscious consumption – using all my senses -, meditation, pranayama, asana, food and lifestyle changes to release the stuck prana and refresh stagnant prana. If you would like to join in the cost for the packet and group cleanse tools – weekly recipes and suggestions, meditation suggestions, pranayama suggestion and asana sequences – $25. There is an investment in suggested supplements. The supplements I have chosen are high quality plant based from companies I know, love and trust.  Please email me and I will add you to the list.

Always in love and light,

lil’ Kim

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