Be Still

We live in a society that glorifies being busy. I notice a validation behind it. I have listened and heard the egos prop up and say “I can’t, I so busy”. What is so valid in being busy? Are you noticing your breath? the sweet tase in the air? the smell of spring? the laughter of your children? the expressions on faces? the touch of a soft flower petal? Schedules are packed with going here, doing this, meeting this person or that. I am guilty. I have taken many breaths for granted, rushed to the next event, ushered my children through tubs and meals. This savory life we have been gifted is fleeting. We are blessed with a short time on this beautiful planet. Relish in where we are. Rest in your soul, settle into your senses, breathe free. Let go.


Lake Algonquin, Wells NY


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