Clary Sage – Essential Oil Spotlight


The oil of Clarity and Vision – the beautiful Clary Sage! Balancing and feminine use Clary Sage energetically for meditation, connection to your divine gifts, physically to promote healthy hair and scalp, calm and soothe nerves, hormonal support and illuminate irritability.

This is one of my go to for meditation oils- this oil encourages you to remain open to new ideas and new perspectives and opens the souls to new possibilities. Clary Sage used during meditation assists in opening creative channels and clearing blocks (granthis), eliminates distractions from the ind and assists individuals in finding space for creative forces. Clary Sage increases the ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities. Clary Sage teaches teaches the spirit to use its divine gifts.

To gain some of the physical benefits of Clary Sage by place 2 drops in palm and inhale for 20-30 seconds for an immediate mood boost, apply to bottom of feet before bed for a restful sleep, during menstruation rub 3-5 drops on abdomen to relieve cramps and apply to the back of the neck to support healthy brain function.


To get these amazing tools in your life jump on over to my Essential Oil page.

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