Day 1 = 108 + Meditate

Its a New Moon in taurus and since Taurus is all about embodiment I am setting my intention with 108 Salutations … This month I will be more aware of my habits, my emotions, my surrounding. I plan to pay close attention to the nature of things, our interconnectedness and breathe life into every breath as I meditate.


Some Tools to help Facilitate Meditation

Don’t pressure yourself to jump into 10 minutes of meditation give yourself some grace if you need to start with 2 mins that’s where I started and have worked up. 

Find a comfy spot that feels good for you.


Sit, close your eyes, open your eyes, sit as comfortable as you can – whatever feels right this is your meditation allow any organic way to present itself and settle in.

The Mantra – “Om” the sacred sound of the universe can be chanted anywhere, anytime out loud or silently | highly effective in bringing harmony into your body, space, and mind.

The Mudra – Jnana mudra –  hold the forefinger to the thumb, and extend the other three fingers out -forefinger represents the ego or the self, and the thumb is seen as consciousness or God; when we place them together, there is a sense that the small self connects to the universe.

Pranayama – Sama Vritti – equal ratio breathing inhaling and exhaling for the same count

Guided Meditation link

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