Ayurveda Snippet

Here is a snippet of the amazing science of Ayurveda. I will start posting more suggestions and information as I learn and study. With each lesson, I learn to love Ayurveda more and more. I have a deep appreciation for this science of healing and will do my best to honor what I have come to admire and love.


Ayurveda, the holistic healing system is one of the oldest continuing healing systems.Translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “the science of life.”

Mind, body and spirit are entwined in Ayurveda. What is happening in the body is reflected in the mind, what is happening in the mind is reflected in the body. The science places emphasis on the ability of the human body to heal itself aided by medicinal foods, herbal remedies and lifestyle routines. This creates a balance between all aspects of our being.

Ayurveda assigns all matter/energy interactions in the world to a scheme of five primal elements earth, water, fire, air and ether. These elements manifest in the body condensed into 3 primal medibolic forces known as the doshas- Kapha {earth & water} Vata {air & ether} Pitta {fire & water}. Each dosha has unique qualities. Kapha ~ is heavy, slow, cold, oily, soft, dense and liquid like earth and water combined. Kapha is support for your body and mind. Vata ~ is dry, light, cold, rough and mobile like wind air and ether. Vata is movement in the body and mind. Pitta ~ is hot, sharp, oily and light like fire and water {steam} Pitta is your digestion and metabolism, your ability to synthesize thoughts. 

You are a combination of all 3 doshas, all 3 are in constant flux within your body. You were born with a Prakriti ~ your inherent “nature” – the unique combination of the doshas this stays the same throughout your lifetime and was determined at conception. As you flow through different stresses your mind-body will respond by becoming out of balance which is your Vikruti- your Vikruti is due to diet and lifestyle choices. The goal is balance using lifestyle changes that aline to your prakriti herbal remedies, oils, daily routine, yoga and meditation. 

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